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Surveying and Monitoring

Phase 1 Habitat Survey

This survey identifies the habitats that are contained within or make up a site, and the key plant species for each of those habitat types. It will also provide target notes on important aspects of the site, for example, the presence of a rare plants or animals, or a special habitat feature such as an ancient hedgerows. A Phase 1 survey can be carried out at any time of year but it is best performed in spring or summer, when the vegetation types that characterise a certain habitat are more readily identifiable.

Aqueous Consultants offer an extensive surveying and monitoring service in all aquatic, riparian and terrestrial areas. These also include quantitative assessments of fish, amphibians, plant species and invertebrates, to monitoring water quality and water levels. Phase 01 assessments are a fundamental aspect of an environmental impact assessment and visual impact assessments, we offer full feasibility studies and pre-planning assessments.

Please contact us and we will endeavor to deliver a complete service to your requirements.

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