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Angling Clubs

Angling Clubs

Aqueous Consultants would like to help clubs survive and thrive.

From small syndicates of five friends to clubs with thousands of members and full time staff, they have always been the backbone of angling. Clubs allow juniors a safe environment to learn to fish, make expensive fishing affordable, provide a way for anglers to meet and become friends, run matches, look after the environment, and establish and develop successful fisheries.

Services include

• Increased fisherman numbers
• Improved profits
• Maximise business potential
• Elevated public profile
• Stocking density advice
• Fish quality advice
• Poor water quality improvement advice.
• Advertising campaigns advice
• Transferring to syndicate advice
• Competition venue advice
• European lakes our speciality
• Increased client base (improving disabled access etc.)
• Advice on the ideal species niche for your waters
• Website design advice
• Media attention improvement an advertising advice

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