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Lakes & Fisheries

Lakes and Fisheries

The contribution of angling to the economy, society and environment is incredibly positive; the effects are felt far beyond the angling community. Dog walkers, ramblers, school children, bird watchers to name just a few all enjoy the sights and sounds of a well managed and safe fishery.

More fisheries should open their doors to the general populace, allowing people to sit and enjoy the surroundings watch dragon flies or kingfishers swooping over the water. What price, a couple of benches and an extra waste bin?

Angling should be seen as a part of other rural development policies in the countryside and efforts should continue to encourage angling amongst younger children so they can see for themselves there is more to childhood than computer games.

The team at Aqueous Consultants care passionately about lakes and fisheries and offer a vast range of services to help build new or improve existing fisheries.

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Rod & Line Fisheries
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River Improvements
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