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Commercial Fish Farm

Commercial Fish Farms
Tailored design and improvement packages for all new and established commercial fish farms 


Fish farming was first used by the Chinese thousands of years ago to breed Carp, now all manner of freshwater and marine species are farmed throughout the world.

If reports in the media are correct then the demand for fresh fish is far out stripping the supply. The fish stocks around our shores are being severely depleted, so a concerted effort must be made to find a suitable alternative, in order to continue to supply demand.

Whether you are embarking on a career in rearing fish for the table or for supply to fisheries, we offer a comprehensive and professional service to suit all forms of aquaculture.
New Fish Farms
If you are a private investor thinking of building a fish farm or if you are a farmer interested in diversifying into aquaculture, the experts at Aqueous Consultants can design, project manage and advise you on all aspects of fish farming. 

We offer a full and unique 3 tier design and advice service. If you would just like your fish farm designing, choose (Bronze), or to include management, maintenance and feeding regimes for your chosen species (Silver), or you can take advantage of our ’Gold’ package that also includes staff training and full project management of the build and planning permission assistance.
All tiers include a feasibility and water quality study. (Please see table below).


Established Fish Farms
Services available include -

• Fish farm Extension design service
• Improvement studies
• Feeding regime advice
• Discharge water quality assessments and alternative system
• Bio security
• Improvements to yields
• Disease assessments
• Cost reduction audit and evaluations
• Reed bed filtration systems

Carp fry mesocosm system

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