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Rod & Line Fisheries

Rod and Line Fisheries
Complete design packages, improvement and development initiatives, tailored maintenance and husbandry programs and advice for all commercial fisheries.


New Fishery Developments
Services available include

• Feasibility study.
• Water source testing check.
• Full unique 3-tier design service.
• Management program.
• Maintenance and husbandry program.
• Stocking advice and species density.
• Sympathetic and beneficial planting regimes.
• Peg design and disabled access.
• Staff training  

Established Fisheries Improvement Program
Services available include

• Increased fisherman numbers
• Improved profits
• Maximise business potential
• Elevated public profile
• Stocking density advice
• Fish quality advice
• Poor water quality improvement advice.
• Advertising campaigns advice
• Transferring to syndicate advice
• Competition venue advice
• European lakes our speciality
• Increased client base (improving disabled access etc.)
• Advice on the ideal species niche for your waters
• Website design advice
• Media attention improvement an advertising advice

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